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My name is Payton Jackson and I am a former Power Volleyball Club player. I am currently an OH/RS at Coker College in South Carolina, and I would not be here if it weren’t for the coaches at Power. Coach Chris taught me how to play middle (my position during my time at Power) when I was 11 and I continued privates with him for many years. Chris developed me as a player throughout the years, constantly giving me areas to improve on, watching my growth, and most importantly, always pushing and supporting me until I became the player I am today. I wasn’t the tallest or the strongest middle, but he showed me how to thrive in that position, and as a general player all around. I met Coach Tony when I was 13 at a time when I was unsure about my abilities in volleyball and a time when my confidence in myself was at an all time low. Luckily for me, Tony and Chris saw something in me that I didn’t. Tony offered me a spot on his team that season, and that season changed everything for me. Tony guided me by first building up my confidence and making me believe I had something special as a volleyball player. In a time when I was ready to give up the game, Tony helped me find my love for it again. Tony and I went through many ups and downs together. We made it to nationals twice, we upset teams we never thought we could’ve, we had some not-so-great games, we faced injuries and hard times together, and I came out on the other side 6 years later as a confident, successful athlete ready to fulfill my dreams of playing at Coker. My time with Tony helped my grow as a player and as a young lady, as Tony taught me lessons on the court and in life. Most of these lessons I still cherish in my life and in my gameplay to this day. What I loved most about being trained under Tony and Chris is that they made it very clear they were more than just coaches, they made sure I understood that they were friends, mentors, people I could go to in a time of need, and after playing under them for about 6 years I without a doubt consider them to be family. They are truly amazing coaches. They see something special in each and every one of their players, and they do everything in their power allow their players to grow and shine to the best of their ability. What makes Power so special to me and to everyone else that plays for them is that the club truly is a family and all of the teams look out for each other – coaches, players, parents, everyone – we are all a part of the Power family. That is something most players don’t experience, and it is what helped me become the player I am today. Without Chris and Tony by my side, I never would’ve ended up as a collegiate athlete.


Payton Jackson

Former Player

Halfway through senior year, amidst the stress of applying for colleges etc, a friend of mine from one of my previous club teams told me about a new club forming called Power Volleyball. I admit it was a little nerve wracking to choose a brand new club that I knew almost nothing about, but something about it felt right. And I had experienced enough in my six previous seasons to know what I was looking for.

After a great experience at tryouts, I decided to join Power, and to this day know it was a great decision for me.

The staff and coaches poured so much time and effort into me: improving my skills and technique, getting to know me, and offering on multiple occasions to help me contact College coaches. I believed I could do anything after that season and I know that played a huge part in getting me where I am today.

Knowing that I had chosen a club that invested in me lifted a large burden off my shoulders. At a time when I was doubting my own abilities, the constant encouragement and support boosted my confidence and brought about a whole new love for the sport. I knew I wanted to play college ball and now I believed I was capable of doing so.

Looking back, Power volleyball undoubtedly prepared me for the role I play at Ouachita Baptist. Winning our first ever conference title and getting to start my first two seasons as a division 2 collegiate volleyball player was a dream come true. I can’t thank this club and its coaches enough for their time, effort, and support that got me this far.

Outside Hitter
Ouachita Baptist University”

Katie Camp

Former Player

Power Volleyball Club with Tony and Chris has been a big part of my daughter’s volleyball success story. She started taking lessons from Tony at 14 years old and attended many camps led by Tony and Chris. She played with Power Volleyball Club several years where she had Tony as a coach and recruiting advisor. My daughter has had other coaches, but Tony has had the greatest impact. He believed in her as a player and was always patient and positive in his coaching. She is now playing volleyball at a DII college. I can’t thank them enough for the time and care they invested in my daughter over the years!

Beverly Wolfe


Our daughter came to Power Volleyball at a pivotal time in her life. She was entering her senior year in high school and had finally started to grasp the very real possibility that she could play volleyball in college. For years she wanted it, and secretly believed she could, but we also knew that some of her club seasons left her doubting her abilities.

When Power Volleyball was formed in 2015, we took a chance on an unknown — with a start-up organization whose club directors and coaches were completely unfamiliar to us — but it felt right from the very start, and that never changed. The way they uplifted the girls and brought out their talents throughout the recruiting process made us never regret it, even after she got the call to play for another team she thought she once had wanted. She found a new “home” and was happy there.

Katie’s Power 18s season was undoubtedly the highlight of her high school volleyball career. Not only did her team earn Katie’s first-ever bid to nationals, she loved going to practices and to games at a time when a lot of other seniors were burning out. She grew so much as a player and ultimately earned the distinction of MVP for the club that year.

The personal growth and confidence that Power instilled in my daughter was priceless, and it opened many doors for her during the recruiting process. And that transitioned beautifully into a scholarship at her college of choice, Ouachita Baptist University, where she has remained an integral part of their team and helped earn the school’s first-ever conference title.

If you want a club that will see only the best in your daughter, and will help her BE the best, I recommend Power volleyball without hesitation!


Shannon Ansel


Our daughter, Shannon, played 17’s and 18’s with Power Volleyball Club. Shannon had decided she wanted to play in college when she was 16, but we really hadn’t started the recruiting process due to an injury during her 16’s season. So when we got to Power, we had a lot of catching up to do. Coach Tony was THE KEY to our daughter getting recruited. He helped us make our first highlights video and provided us with access to volleyballrecruits.com, which gave us access to any college coach we wanted to contact. We went on to make and post six more highlights videos so coaches could see what she could do. Once we started getting interest, Tony went out of his way to speak with interested coaches, asked visiting coaches to look at her, and suggest other colleges we might want to pursue.

Shannon was already a seasoned player, but Tony developed her skills as a defensive player by teaching her how to read plays, improve her court awareness, and teaching her where and when to move on court. Those skills were things college coaches noticed when they watched her play. She wasn’t just a good athlete, she was a smart player.

We had experienced some negative things with prior clubs including constant yelling at players during practices and games, parents manipulating the team, inappropriate player behavior not being addressed, and coaches that demoralized girls on a personal level. That isn’t how Power operates. Power is a club that encourages its girls to be the best they can be through encouragement, building strong character, and by knowing when to be firm and knowing when to be caring. Our daughter went from lacking confidence to being the confident, determined, mentally and physically strong player she is today. Shannon is in her freshman year at Ouachita Baptist University, a division 2 College in Arkansas. She played 100 out of 116 sets her freshman season, so we know she was well-prepared and coached by Power.

We can’t thank Coach Tony, Coach Chris, and the entire Power staff for helping our daughter’s dreams become a reality.

James and Lynne Hogan


Having Coach Chris for our daughter has been an absolute blessing for her as well as every other player on her team! His supportive, passionate coaching style and serious emphasis on improving the girls volleyball skills is a huge contributing factor in our daughter’s team winning a bid to Nationals


Angela McCurdy


“My daughter Peyton began pre-tryout clinics in 2010.  During  this time, she broke her wrist and was not able to continue.  Eager to tryout, her cast was taken off the day before tryouts and because she had attended some clinics and the coaching staff knew what she was capable of, they took a chance on her and she was offered a position on the team.  Coach Tony soon became her setting coach and she has been setting ever since. Peyton would not be the setter/player that she is today without him. Thanks Coach!!”

Montrel Parker


Coach Chris has been Payton’s middle blocking coach for 4 years. Coach Tony has been her club coach for the last 3 years. Both of these coaches have positively impacted Payton as a player and as a person.  Coach Tony has gone above and beyond with the recruiting process, for which we are grateful. Their integrity and ethics are a rare find in today’s competitive world. We are blessed to have them as coaches. Payton is the player she is today because of their dedication and passion for their players! We look forward to being part of the Power Volleyball family!


Darla Jackson


Best club experience we have had going on 6 years now that our daughter has been playing club ball. Personalized attention to each player from the coaches and staff set this club apart. The attention to our daughter’s recruiting has been outstanding and has felt like she has had her own personal recruiter guiding her through the process. Our younger daughter has started training here as well, and we’ve been very pleased with her quick progress and the positivity of the coaching staff.


Delight Hogan