Power is pleased to announce the start of our club wide player assessments and feedback program. This program was designed with a growth mindset as our main goal. Each of our coaches will be participating and engaging each of their athletes to help grow and foster the coach/athlete relationship.

Who: All Power Volleyball Club coaches and players

What: Player assessments and feedback between coaches and players

When: Pre-season assessments, mid-season reviews, post-season evaluations. Coaches will begin phase 1 of pre-season assessments as soon as this week thru Dec 14th.

Where: TBD by coaches ideally outside of formal practice time (before or after)

Why: The player assessment/review/evaluation process provides an opportunity for players to understand the coach’s perspective on the player’s development and allows the player to engage and work with the coach in a collaborative manner to determine her goals, identify opportunities, and encouraging dialogue for a meaningful relationship throughout the season.

We are extremely excited about the growth opportunities each of our athletes will be able to experience. If you have any questions, please reach out to your team coach.