Metro Teams

Power is pleased to announce details for our metro program for the 2018 club season. Our Metro program is a great way to experience club without the full time or financial commitment required of a national level team.  Below you will find details and answers to frequently asked question regarding our program.

Interested in our program? Need more Info?

We invite you to our open house to learn more about our metro team options this season.


Craig Ranch

6145 Alma Rd. McKinney, TX 75070



What is the metro program?

Metro teams are scaled down versions of our national club teams that primarily stay in the metroplex for tournaments.

How many practices do they have?

Metro teams practice once per week for 2 hours.

How do I receive an offer for a metro team?
We evaluate and make offers after our evaluation clinics in Mid July.


When do practices start?

Practices will begin in November and go through the end of April.

How many tournaments do metro teams participate in?

Our metro teams will participate in 5-8 tournaments throughout the season.

Do metro teams get a uniform package?

Yes, a smaller uniform package

  • 1 jersey
  • 1 practice t-shirt
  • 1 spandex
  • 1 backpack
  • 1 pair of socks

What is cost of a Metro team?

It depends on the # of kids on a roster. Dues will be published closer to tryouts.


Do I have to tryout for a metro team?

Yes, we will have tryouts for our metro teams. Dates will be announced very soon.

How many metro teams will power have this year?

We are anticipating having 4-6 metro teams this year between the ages of 11-18:


If you are interested in learning more about our Metro program please reach out to Tony Duenas at or 972-322-4647.