Power believes in offering our athletes every opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of volleyball. One such way is to participate in private lessons. “Privates” are a great way for individual attention to be given to your athlete to focus on a particular skill or aspect of volleyball.  If you prefer a more one-on-one environment or maybe a small group (2-3 kids), privates lessons with our experienced coaching staff is the best option for this. During a private lesson the parents will be responsible for the court fee (generally $45-50)+ coaches fees.


Please reach out to the following coaches if you have an interest in privates for your son or daughter!


Coach Tony Duenas: tony@powervolleyballclub.com  Phone: 972-322-4647

Coach Chris Finseth: chris@powervolleyballclub.com Phone: 469-371-6573

Coach Megan Lowder: megan@powervolleyballclub.com Phone:706-992-8577

Coach Paul Grace: paul@powervolleyballclub.com Phone: 214-725-3560

Coach Cherie Phelan: tcmbj@sbcglobal.net Phone: 972-632-7331

Coach Nicole Bailey: nbailey0815@gmail.com  Phone: 214-280-3516

Coach Jennifer Nordin: jennifer.nordin@coramdeoacademy.org Phone: 214-326-1352

Coach Erica Ranel: ericaranel@gmail.com Phone: 903-407-8882

Coach Macie Morris: macie.morris.11@gmail.com Phone: 832-538-6763

Coach Jenna Fahrney: jenna.fahrney@yahoo.com

Coach Alicia McCarthy: aliciamccarthy17@rocketmail.com Phone: 214-704-6378

Coach Wesley Thomas: drmagicphd@gmail.com