Power Beach Volleyball Programs

Sand volleyball is a growing sport; join the Power Beach Program to be part of the action! Whether it is training to improve speed, read, and vertical for indoor or for a chance to compete at the Junior Beach Tour Championships, Power Volleyball’s Beach Program will prepare you to meet your goals with a fun, and challenging environment.

2024 Summer Beach

Practice dates:  July 8, 15, 22

6:15-7:45 pm

The Beach at Craig Ranch (6145 Alma Rd., McKinney, TX)

Cost: $35 per class.

4th-12th grade- Boys and Girls



2024 Summer Beach Open Play

Dates:  July 10, 17, 24

6:15-7:45 pm

The Beach at Craig Ranch (6145 Alma Rd., McKinney, TX)

Cost: $25 per player/ day

4th-12th grade- Boys and Girls

You have asked and we have listened. We are opening up Wednesday nights for open play in the sand.

  • Come and play with your friends and have fun in the sand.
  • This will be an open gym style night.
  • Coaches will be present to monitor and guide the courts to ensure everyone has a great experience.
  • Courts will be split by age group of those in attendance.
  • There are many benefits to beach volleyball, be sure to read the article below for more information.


Mabrey Matz- Beach Lead Trainer

Mabrey is from McKinney, TX and graduated from Imagine International Academy of North Texas with her International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma in 2021. She played club volleyball for 5 years, Varsity volleyball at her high school for 3 years, and club beach volleyball for 3 years. Before graduating high school, she helped her high school Varsity team win the TCSAAL State Championship in 2018, 2019, and 2020.


Mabrey is currently a junior at Hendrix College in Conway, AR and is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree with a double major in English literary studies and Spanish. She is a blocker/split on the Hendrix Beach Volleyball team, which was Runner-Up in 2022 and National Champions in 2023 at the AVCA Small College Beach Volleyball Championships (D3).

For the past four years, she has also coached beach volleyball locally and is excited to continue her coaching career at Power.

Benefits of Beach Volleyball

Playing sand volleyball is very beneficial to you as an indoor player.  We want to encourage you to try it out this summer as a way to prepare for the upcoming school and club seasons, and also as a fun change of pace!

Sand volleyball can really help you improve your indoor game.  Since there are only two players per side, you are guaranteed more touches than on the indoor court.  Sand is also the perfect opportunity to improve your skills in other positions.  For example, if you’re a hitter, you’ll be forced to improve your setting skills, since your partner will receive the ball at least half the time. If you come across as a weak setter, you may even be forced into that position by the other team more often, giving you more practice. Improving your weaker skills will always come in handy back on the indoor court.  Playing all over the court also will give you a better overall understanding of the game and the many strategies.


Sand also helps you improve your agility and movement. Not only will you have to move around more to cover the court with only two players, but sand is also much harder to maneuver in.  This transfers to speed and sharp movements back on the indoor court.  Moving quickly also means thinking quickly, and many times playing the ball you weren’t quite prepared for. This will help improve your reaction time back on the indoor court.
While you may end up diving more to cover your side of the court, the sand is much more forgiving to land on, saving you from some of the bumps and bruises of indoor volleyball.  The soft sand is also easier on your joints, giving your knees a break from landing on the hard indoor court.  While the sand is easier on your joints, it definitely provides more of a workout for your muscles.  Diving, getting back up quickly, and the jumping required (since you’ll be hitting more) all provide you with a great cardio workout which is guaranteed to improve your endurance.
On top of all these great benefits, being outside with your friends in the summertime is just fun!
We hope you will join us at the Beach at Craig Ranch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do players have to be part of Power Volleyball to participate?
The Power Beach Program is not restricted to Power Players, anyone is able to join! If you are part of another club or have friends from different organizations interested in joining, spread the word!
Do parents have to stay the whole practice?

Parents are not required to stay the whole practice.  The facility has asked that all parents that wish to stay and watch their athletes do so from the public area outside the chain link fence behind the courts.

What is your bad weather policy?

If The Beach is open, we are in the sand! In the event The Beach at Craig Ranch notifies us of closure, we will provide a make-up day at the end of the program. If there is a question about the weather, please check back to our website and Facebook page for daily updates. POWER FACEBOOK PAGE

What can I bring to the beach facility?
Players are encouraged to bring a towel, sunblock and sunglasses to every practice/tournament. Players are allowed to bring lawn or folding lawn chairs, although plenty of seating is offered outside or in the air-conditioned cabana where food and drinks are available. Food is not allowed in the facility and only water in clear sports bottles is allowed.
Do I need my own ball?
No, Power Volleyball Club will provide balls to use during practice and training.
Do I need a partner?
For summer sand training, a partner is not required. However, if you plan to participate in tournaments, we highly encourage players to register with a partner so they can train and play with that person during practice. We will do our best to match players that come in as an individual to a partner based on their skill level and what events they can play in for those that have a desire to play tournaments in the summer. You do not need a partner to be a part of Power Volleyball and you do not need a partner for practices. At Power Volleyball we will do our best to match you with a partner for tournaments. However, it is your choice and your responsibility to find a partner for yourself.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.